NEW PRODUCT! Today, on World Bee Day, we are excited to launch our Bee Jewellery line.  Starting with our Respoke Beespoke Bee Necklace! As always, made from recycled stainless steel bicycle spokes.

As you know, recycling and our carbon footprint and its impact on the planet, are very important to us.  In this time of Covid-19, it’s been brought home to us more and more.  Earlier this year, we made a Respoke Beespoke Bee to celebrate Earth Day and when we became aware of the World Bee day, Mike got in the workshop and started developing an idea he’s had for a while.  Out of this came the first Respoke Beespoke Bee!

We discovered that pollination is a fundamental process for the survival of our ecosystems.  Bees and other pollinators like butterflies and bats are more and more under threat from us humans.  They contribute directly to food security and are key to conserving biodiversity.

We all depend on pollinators!  Also, we just love bees! Who doesn’t love their little stripy body’s?  They are a lovely backdrop to summer and that gentle sound of bees buzzing in our garden.

Soon we will extend our Bee to a range of Bee jewellery!