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We are very excited to be involved with the Malverns Classic 2018 see more here.  After almost a 20 year break, the GT Bicycles Malverns Classic will be at Eastnor Deer Park for what is tipped to be the largest and most diverse MTB festival of the year.

Bring your bike, your helmet and ride. Eastnor Deer Park is a beautiful venue and the organisers are openly encouraging you to go for ride outs. When the courses are not in use for either practice or racing they will be open for you to ride!

There will be the Schwalbe Classic Downhill, Cannondale Cross Country, Quad Eliminator, Funnduro, Dual Slalom, Wideopen Mag Bunny Hop and many others!  In addition, there is plenty of entertainment including the Retail village, stunt show and various fun contests.

You can camp too!

We’ll be based at the main finish arena/pits area.

For more information about the events and tickets etc., click here.

This Mountain Bike on the Malvern Hills photo is courtesy of good friend Phil Compton.

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