Who doesn’t love cufflinks and Bicycle Cufflinks in particular?  Shop here for some great ideas for Bicycle Cufflinks gifts.

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Our handmade bike cufflink designs are unique.  We think you’ll agree that our bike cufflink jewellery designs are unique gifts!

Start looking for your Penny Farthing Cufflinks, Racer Bike Cufflinks or your Wheeling Free Bike Cufflinks here.  Buy cufflinks for yourself or give a pair of Bike Cufflinks to someone you love.

Every piece in our Cufflinks collection is quality checked for the right character!

Shop for our stylish Penny Farthing Cufflinks or browse our cufflink collection here.

Whether the Cufflink present is for friends, or for the groom on his wedding day, our online store brings you affordable, hand crafted, stainless steel cufflinks with unique designs you won’t find anywhere else.

What better way to show you care for someone special than with these unique cufflink pieces?

The Design

Cufflinks have always been the height of fashion and always will be.  Our cufflinks are fun yet stylish.  Made from hardwearing stainless steel, they are without doubt, the finishing touch to an outfit.

Our designs are the perfect marriage between art and function and the trendy cufflinks match with our tie clips and add that extra edge of quirkiness.  Extremely popular and sophisticated gifts for any occasion.

The inspiration for our handmade bicycle cufflinks comes from things in our childhood or places we’ve been to.  As children, we grew up riding our bikes in and around the Malvern Hills area as well as taking our bikes to the sea or the Forest of Dean.  When we ventured into our own business it seemed the perfect way to blend our love of design with handmade bike cufflinks. Take a look at our beautifully formed Racer Bike Cufflinks for a gift you’ll love to give to the cyclist in your life.

The three designs that make up our collection of cufflinks have been thought out to include products in the vintage cufflink style, road bike cufflink style and our trademark Wheeling Free (or sit up and beg) Bike Cufflink style!

As you have read, there’s a story behind the development of each handmade cufflinks piece and you’ll be adding to our story with your own when you buy a unique cufflinks piece.

Many of our customers send us images of wearing their individually hand-crafted Respoke Designs Cufflinks looking amazing on their wedding shirt or formal occasion shirt or just because they are fashionable, and we’d love you to join them!  Because the cufflinks are made from stainless steel, they don’t tarnish and will look as good in the years to come as the day you bought them.

So, what is a good gift for the person in your life or for yourself?  Well, we would say it has to be something that is useful, striking, affordable, unique, distinctive and but most of all cool!  That makes your gift giving simple if you shop at Respoke Designs.

Don’t forget that our bike tie clips are designed to complement the bike cufflinks too!

We can help make you feel good and You can help change the world!  By purchasing your recycled bike spoke cyclists’ gift you’ll be doing something to make the world a little better as stainless steel can be upcycled and recycled unlimited times.

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