Who doesn’t love heart jewellery?  Look here for some great ideas for heart shaped jewellery gifts.

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Our handmade heart shape designs offer bangles and bracelets, necklaces and pendants, stainless steel earrings, brooches, badges and keyrings.  We think you’ll agree that our heart jewellery designs are unique gifts!

Start looking for your heart necklace or your heart keyring here.  Buy a heart gift for yourself or give a heart bracelet to someone you love.

Every piece in our heart jewellery collection is quality checked for the right character!

Shop for our stylish heart bracelets and bangles or browse our heart collection here.

Whether the heart shaped jewellery is for friends, or for couples sealing a commitment, our online store brings you affordable, hand crafted, stainless steel jewellery with designs and form like no other.

What better way to give you heart to someone special than with these unique heart jewellery pieces?

Find the coolest heart accessories here!  They say spring is the season of love, we say love is always in season!

People ask us what is the best mens heart piece and we might point them in the direction of the Heart keyring.  If it’s a heart gift for a woman, we might suggest the Heart Necklace.  Whatever their taste you’ll find a great personal heart gift.

The inspiration for our handmade heart jewellery comes from things in our childhood or places we’ve been to.  We have a love for the seaside and that was expressed in the form of the heart shape jewellery.  When we ventured into our own business it seemed the perfect way to blend our love of design with handmade heart jewellery. As an example, take a look at our beautifully formed Heart Earrings for a gift you’ll love.

Our collection of heart jewellery gifts has been thought out to include products in heart form such as the Marble Heart Necklace with its distinctive Celtic style design through to our Heart Badges so you can truly wear your heart on your sleeve!

There’s a story behind the development of each handmade piece and you’ll be writing your own story with your unique piece, especially if you surprise your nearest and dearest with a piece of heart shaped jewellery and honour a special place in the heart of your gift recipient.

Many of our customers send us images of them wearing their individually hand-crafted piece of Respoke Designs Heart jewellery and we’d love you to join them!  They also tell us that they wear their heart bracelets every day and they still look as good as the day they bought it.

So, what is a good gift for the person in your life?  Well, a lot of people already have a lot of jewellery, so we would say it has to be something that is useful, striking, affordable, unique, distinctive and but most of all cool!  That makes your heart gift giving simple if you shop at Respoke Designs.

We can help make you feel good and You can help change the world!  By purchasing your recycled bike spoke cyclists’ gift you’ll be doing something to make the world a little better as stainless steel can be upcycled and recycled unlimited times.

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