Shop great stylish men’s bracelets here. We have some eye-catching designs in our men’s jewellery range, making a collection of unique men’s bracelets to fit your style.

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ake a statement with our handmade stainless-steel men’s designs or perhaps our selection of Rope Bracelets for men.

Browse our collection of men’s bracelets to add that finishing touch to your personal style statement. Looking for jewellery for men?
Choose one of our personalised rope bracelets fitted with our unique carabiner clasp. Enables the joining of high quality rope and a stainless-steel washer stamped with a message. Suitable gift for a cyclist, mountain climber or anyone who loves quality design.

Alternatively, what about one of our handmade stainless-steel men’s bracelets fitted with the trademark carabiner clasp?
Our men’s designs are made from hardy stainless steel and the best quality rope. They are rugged, funky and classic. It’s a men’s range collection we will continue to add to. The range offers a stylish and sophisticated choice for you.

Inexpensive and informal, enduring and doesn’t stain, our stainless-steel bracelets for men are original as well as being hypoallergenic jewellery. Stainless steel is sometimes referred to as the modern man’s metal, so you’ll be right on trend!

Another reason to buy a Men’s Rope bracelets is that it features a stainless-steel washer allowing you to have your bracelet personalised. They are joined by the carabiner clasp made from a hard-wearing stainless-steel bicycle spoke.

These original designs are handmade by Mike and hand polished to get that perfect shine.
The Rope Steel Bracelet got its name because it reminded Mike of loops of chain joined together. The design was inspired by the horse bits seen on huge Shire Horses at country shows we go to in and around our home town of Malvern.

Combining strength and style, men’s bracelets are the perfect accessory for expressing yourself.

If you’re looking for a bracelet for a man that has a design that is out of the ordinary, look no further! Mike makes his men’s bracelet designs appealing to all ages and you will love them whether you’re looking for something urban, chic, contemporary, fashionable, quirky or just plain awesome!
The men’s bracelet collection consists of skillfully hand-crafted designs that not only look great but feel great too. Because of this, each piece has a rugged and robust quality to it and is custom made for you.
The Rope bracelets come in a variety of colours – something for everyone. The Rope Steel Bracelet comes in two versions. One is polished for that luxury shine and the other is heat treated.

The Heated Rope Steel Bracelet has been hand treated with heat. This gives the stainless steel a variety of colours, because of this, no two heat treated bracelets will ever be the same! True personalisation!

Even though each piece is handcrafted, and the washers hand stamped with your personal message, our bracelets for men are affordable.

You have the option to further personalise your bracelet by adding your own linking charm to replace the washer we supply.

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