Bee Necklace


Stunningly beautiful Bee Necklace.  Made from 100% stainless steel and measuring 4.5cm (1.75in) from its dear little antennae top to its bee bottom.  The span of our little Respoke Beespoke Bee is 4.7cm (1.78 inches).


Check out our Respoke Beespoke Bee Necklace and shop for it here!  The simple yet stunning design has been handcrafted from recycled stainless steel bicycle spoke and is a super addition to our unique handmade jewellery collection.  Each one is handcrafted and, like each bee in a hive will vary slightly.  Adding to the charm and quality of the bee design are its little waving antennae.

Mike was inspired by World Bee Day and the handcrafted bee was designed to look almost 3D.  The shape of the bumble bee pendant is an interpretation of that highly recognisable shape.
The length of the Bee from the top of its wavy antennae to its bottom is 4.5cm (1.75inches) and the span of its wings is 4.7cm (1.78 inches).  Don’t forget that this may vary slightly as each Bee Necklace is handmade.  The Bee sits beautifully on a 46cm (18 inch), silver plated snake chain.
Each handcrafted Bee Pendant is sent to you in a presentation box.  This has been sourced locally to reduce out carbon footprint.
Handmade from recycled stainless steel (grade 304) bicycle spokes.  Stainless steel has a bright silvery finish, is hypoallergenic, doesn’t tarnish and is extremely durable.

Polished until silky smooth.


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