Marble Earrings – Green Lustre Caged


These are, without question, statement earrings! Featuring green lustre marbles caged in beautiful stainless steel.


These marble earrings – green lustre, are held in a twist like cage are part of our ever popular Caged marble collection. The length is 4cm (1.6 inches).  Because each one is hand crafted their may be a very slight variation in the length, but be assured the pair will match.
Each handcrafted product is sent to you in a presentation box. This has been sourced locally to reduce our carbon footprint.
Handcrafted from recycled stainless steel (grade 304) bicycle spokes.
Stainless steel has a bright silvery finish, is hypoallergenic, doesn’t tarnish, and is extremely durable.
Polished until silky smooth.


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