Bike Keyring – Hokey Spokey


This unpolished Hokey Spokey Bike Keyring is approximately 4.5 cm (1.77 inches) and is attached to a 3cm (1.1 inch) flat split keyring.


Named by Suki, the Hokey Spokey Bike Keyring got its name in a competition we ran on Facebook.  We showed the dynamic new design to our fans on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and asked our customers to name it for us!  There were some great suggestions but we liked Hokey Spokey Bike Keyring as the best name for this one.

Mike was working in the workshop one day.  He decided to come up with a design that was simple for a bike keyring yet.  Mike still wanted to have something that had all the hallmarks of the quality that Respoke Designs is known for. Leaving this Hokey Spokey Bike Keyring unpolished gave it a bit of a dashing look and he thought it went with the zippy nature of this useable bike keyring.

Attached to a 3cm (1.1 inch) flat split ring, the size of the bike is approximately 4.5 cm (1.77 inches).

When was the last time you bought yourself a great keyring? Consequently, that’s what makes this bike keyring the perfect gift …. Buy one for a friend, buy one for a cyclist, buy one as a great gift for anyone who like something quirky! Sporting a bit of an industrial vibe this hand-crafted beauty is also going to perform its job and keep your keys safe!  You will love it!

Each of our keyrings is handmade from a single recycled bicycle spoke.  Did you know that stainless steel is an almost endless renewable and recyclable metal?

Finally, each handcrafted product is sent to you in a presentation box. Sourced locally from our home town to reduce our carbon footprint.
Handcrafted from recycled stainless steel (grade 304) bicycle spokes.
In addition, stainless steel has a bright silvery finish, is hypoallergenic, doesn’t tarnish, is hardworking and is extremely durable.


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