Penny Farthing Earrings


Each handcrafted product is sent to you in a presentation box. This has been sourced locally to reduce our carbon footprint.


Penny Farthing Earrings – classic design – Dangling statements!
These were designed to stand alone or be part of the Penny Farthing Collection. We love the association of making something new from an ancient metal, but relating it back to the beginnings of cycling and the Penny Farthing bicycle.
The length is 3.5cm (1.4 inches). The pair will match but the length may vary slightly as each one is handcrafted.
The polished spoke ends indicate the handlebars and the hooks are silver plated to ensure no allergies.
Hand crafted from recycled stainless steel (grade 304) bicycle spokes.
Stainless steel has a bright silvery finish, is hypoallergenic, doesn’t tarnish, and is extremely durable.
Polished until silky smooth.


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